Wednesday, November 4, 2015


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Good old in-laws, we are so blessed to have them!!!

A family pic after church.
Out to eat at Jakes- bad expierence don't go there.
Notice his hands he kept on redying the eggs, hes nuts.
I really am not photogenic- but I was helping out since Daddy and Grandpa were watching wrestling and Grandma was cooking.
I was so excited to get this tablecloth and napkins.

So I just wanted to say that when the going gets tough we have to stay together. I love my husband and I wonder how he puts up with my drama?? But he does and when he has a bad day that's where I come in. Here are 5 things that I am gratful for and I know Wes would agree.

1-His parents- they are really so good to us and we love their company- even though Keri can be a bit bossy in the kitchen :)

2-Wes's job even though we are in Minnesota where it is cold and far away from family it has been a blessing and a trial living here. Without his job how would we pay for all those things on clearance?? I love u Honey.

3-Good food- I love food and so does Wes, I am so glad that we can eat and for the nourishment it is to our bodies.

4-People- I love to meet new people and they light up my day- it may be the small gestures that they make, but I def enjoy talking to other people. Hearing their stories - there trials, and there achievments. One simple hello can make such a difference.

5- Last but not least- our children. Gosh we love those kids. Sometimes we wonder what we would do with out them- they light up my life and make it so much more interesting when I am at the store. I always have someone to share a pizza or ice cream with. Sofie is getting to be much easier and Ethan is so sweet always looking out for her.

Easter is a great day ....but the candy not so good.

Ethan was so excited to see his basket- we left it on the table and his chin just dropped.
Sofie just liked playing with the wrapping. Good thing I went to the Dollar Tree.

We had an Easter egg hunt indoors- because of course we live in a state where its still snowing in March. Good old Minnesota.
Here they are opening up there eggs with Grandpa Phil.
Ethan and Sofie Ready for their Sunday Best.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Where do I place my order??

Ethan turned 3 years old on March 2nd and he was so excited. When he came into our room in the morning I told him Happy Bday its your Bday. He then proceeded to sing to himself. He then said he wanted to open up presents. He knew where they were at- I was trying to hide them but failed. Then he saw the decorations that I put up in the dining room. He said How beautiful and then put on his party hat. He then asked where is my Bday cake?
Just for your info I am the PROUD baker of that cake. Wes said you really need to either be a baker or a cook you can't be both. I think I have proved him wrong. So if you would like to place an order now I will be glad to make a Bday cake for you. (Ok I ran out of frosting)
Wed- he had a Bday party with his friends from playgroup - he had a good time. In one of the pics he was trying to stand close to Anna but she kept on pushing him away. Poor kid.

Monday, March 3, 2008

So we are back from California and it was real nice to get away and enjoy warm weather. It did rain for a few days, but it really does not compare to the cold weather in Minnesota. I took Sof and Ethan to the beach which was fun. Ethan also went to Chuckee Cheese enough times to satisfy his Cheesiness. My mom and I did not argue that much. I got to spend time with cousins, my dad and just hang out. I also went to the temple which is always a good expierence.

So when we were returning on Thursday I never would have guessed that the line to security would have been 30 min wait. Its normally like no wait- so I asked someone if I could take cuts- my flight was leaving in 30 mins. I tried to pay them but they declined. Then on the flight Ethan fell alseep which was nice- Sofie was just hanging out. At the Arizona airport I let the kids play in this playarea. So on the second flight it was another story. Ethan was ready to jump out the window and Sofie was wanting to crawl all over the place. We were supposed to land at 830pm but instead we landed at 1030 after having landed in another city.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Left to Tell...

So I finished reading this book called Left to Tell. I loved it. Its about a girl that lives in Rwanda and is in the middle of a genocide going on where they slaughter people who are of her tribe. She hides in a bathroom 3ft by 4ft with 6 other women. What she goes through is remarkable. Some of the topics are her relationship with God, forgivness, and visual motivation. She really has moved me. I wish I could meet her. You must read this book by Immaculee Ilibagiza.

Monday, February 11, 2008

So many more reasons...

They are the reason my house can never stay clean- they are the reason why my stress goes up- they are reason why making a shopping trip to one store is 2 hrs long- they are the reason that I live for. Their smiles, kisses, Ethan's curiosity, Sofie's clingingness to mama. Her twinkle in her eye when she sees me. I love these stinkers.

Wes decorating cookies

Wes decorating cookies
He did a better job than I did- thats why he works in bakery

My taster

My taster
I think he approved- after that he licked the spoon on the frosting knife.

And I made pretzels

And I made pretzels
These were my favorite part- don't they look so cute?

This was the fun part

This was the fun part
I needed my glasses to make sure that I got all the detail.